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Fauxpal™ Cabochons

Fauxpals™ in Faux Opals! Although these beauties are so full of color and fire, they could be mistaken for Dichroic Glass! It took a lot of trial and error to perfect my technique in making these, and I am super pleased and excited by the results! Gorgeous, shimmering translucent rainbows of firey color, set in either brass, gold-plated or silver plated bezels and capped with a special, optically clear acrylic. Simply beautiful, the still photos just cannot capture the depth, color-play and intense fire of these; so here is a short video of a couple of them in sunlight:


Did you know? A minimum purchase of as low as $35.00 qualifies you to choose a perfume for only ONE PENNY! Quantites are limited, so don't miss out!! Check out the details here: