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Agate Slices

I have always had a facination with genuine Agate Slices....the beautiful, gemmy translucency, the rings of color that reminded me of the rings of a tree trunk....and best of all, the idea that all that beauty was hidden inside such an ordinary rock, until being revealed by a Lapidary Artist! I have personally hand selected each and every one of our slices, chossing only those slices that are of size and shape, superior pattern and color, and that have edges that allow ease of beading around. Some Agates are Dyed a lovely color, some are left natural. All are beautiful!! Perfect for wire-wrapping, collage work, or becoming a stunning focal for a piece of beadwork!





Colored Agate Slice 2-4 inches 1 each
Orig.: $3.00
Sale: $2.00