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Aluminum Cuff Bracelet Blanks > Diamond textured Aluminum cuff blank 1 3/4 x 6"
Diamond textured Aluminum cuff blank 1 3/4 x 6"

Price: $2.85
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: FBDIA-06

Whether it is creating a stunning 3-D effect by topping with snakeskin, fish leather or patterned fabrics or simply a gorgeous textured effect by topping with ultrasuede or deerskin, these blanks have wonderful possibilities!! Extra thick .063 14 gauge aluminum will stand up to years of wear and tear, while remaining flexible  enough to achieve a custom fit. Sold in your choice of pattern direction; either across the width or along the length. Picture number 1 shows across the width, picture number 2 shows along the length. Click "view images" to check them out. Please note: These blanks are NOT eligible for our standard custom cut fee's. We would be happy to make them in nearly any custom size you may need, but you must contact us to get a price quote. While we are offering the option of getting these blanks flat, due to the thickness of the aluminum we do not recommend these blanks to customers who intend to form them to the bracelet shape themselves. They do not fit properly into the bracelet bender and will prove a challenge to folks without the proper equipment.

Don't forget, None of our unfinished bracelet blanks should be considered a "finished" product. They are NOT intended to be used "as-is"; they will NOT be pretty and shiny, they WILL have minor scuffs and/or scratches on their surfaces and the edges have not been de-burred. Our unfinished blanks are intended to be covered or finished by you, the Artist. :) If you need a de-burred cuff bracelet blank, please choose our Satin finish or our Polished finish.

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