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Aluminum Cuff Bracelet Blanks > Tapered .032 20 gauge aluminum
Tapered .032 20 gauge aluminum

Price: $1.75
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Taper alum

Made from .032 20 gauge aluminum. 6" long, tapered 1/2" to 1 1/8" wide with round ends. These are cut from a die and are not able to be customized. You may choose the finish you want.

NOTE: These bracelet blanks come out of the die with a burr along the edges. While we do some initial burr removal for you before we ship them, please be aware that if you choose the "unfinished" option, the blanks may need further smoothing with a file, sandpaper and/or steel wool. Choosing either Satin finish or Polished finish is best if you want your blanks completely de-burred. 

Don't forget, None of our unfinished bracelet blanks should be considered a "finished" product. They are NOT intended to be used "as-is"; they will NOT be pretty and shiny, they WILL have minor scuffs and/or scratches on their surfaces and the edges have not been de-burred. Our unfinished blanks are intended to be covered or finished by you, the Artist. :) If you need a de-burred cuff bracelet blank, please choose our Satin finish or our Polished finish.

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