July 30, 2015 @ 3:42 PM

Now that I have finally convinced our daughter (who is now 18 years old!) to start helping out more in the family business, I am hoping to have more time for the good stuff.....like keeping up with this blog! :) I have also been working on freshening up the website too, so if it looks different from one click to the next, don't be alarmed.....it's just me, messing with things to see how they look. :)

We've added some new items that I am pretty excited with; painted aluminum blanks and textured aluminum blanks. The painted blanks are only available in one color scheme right now, which is red and white. One side is a glossy lipstick red and the other a glossy bright white. The red side has a protective poly film which you will need to peel off, just like our anodized aluminum blanks have. I am super happy with these blanks, the paint is very durable and won't peel or crack or chip off, even after forming to the bracelet shape. And the color is gorgeous! They can be engraved or stamped, and look great under lace or open weave fabrics. And best of all, if you order them preformed to the bracelet shape, you can choose whether you want the red to be rolled to the outside of the blank or to the inside. If you are covering the top of the blank with bead embroidery or fabric, just imagine how pretty the red would be if you have it rolled to the inside......no need to cover that up with ultra suede or fabric, its already finished! I've been playing with them alot, and really like the design possibilities of them.

The textured cuffs are pretty cool too, I haven't played with them as much but I think they would make some really neat bracelets! Slather on some glue and press fabric or ultra suede onto the cuff and you can see the texture......even better, use snake skin, fish leather or patterned material and it gives a fantastic 3-d effect! The textured blanks are also a much thicker gauge (14 gauge) than our standard aluminum (20 gauge) so if you are wanting a thicker blank, these are great! You can choose which direction you want the pattern to run, either across the width of the blank or along the length of the blank. Both are really pretty and having the choice really opens up the designing possibilities!

We also have some other new items in the works, including heavier gauges and the option of ordering your blanks de-burred and pre-polished, so stay tuned! :)