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Lacy's Stiff Stuff, Ultra Suede & Deer Leather > 3" x 7" Deer Leather
3" x 7" Deer Leather

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Black (Black is Black)

White (White is White)

Saddle: (formerly Light Brown, a nice orangey, old penny kind of brown shade.)

Dark Saddle ( a medium brown)

Tobacco: (formerly Dark Brown, a yummy and rich, very Dark Brown) 

Gold: (Still called Gold, the traditional shade of Deerskin, Warm Golden Yellow. NOT a metallic)

                        Smoke:( mimics brain tanned leather)

Turq: (a medium shade of Blue-Green. Lovely!)

Purple: (Still Purple, a perfect Grape.)

Forest Green: (Still Forest Green, a rich deep Green.)


Red: Yup it's red


Blue: Royal blue

Deerskin is my preferred backing material, and I think after you have tried it once, it will become yours, too! Buttery soft and pliable, yet super strong and durable, it is the perfect finish to your creations. It is easy to use...just glue it to the back of your beadwork, (beaded on Lacys Stiff Stuff of course! :) trim it close to the beadwork, then do your preferred method of edge beading. Done! You can have either the suede side or the skin side facing out; it's your choice. This 3" x 7" size is large enough for one large cuff bracelet or two of the smallest cuffs. (three if you are real careful!) Keep in mind that you only need about an extra 1/8th inch of leather on the sides of a project. Or, you can cut it up for a multitude of other smaller sized projects. (pendants, earrings, etc)  Any questions? Feel free to e-mail us at any time!