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Steel Cuff Bracelet Bender

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: $5.50
Availability: This product is back-ordered; it is unavailable for ordering at this time please come back or continue shopping.
Prod. Code: Bender

 I am so excited to finally be able to offer these to our customers! I used a tool just like this years and years ago, but the source for them dried up. :( But we finally found them again!! :)  So, what I am so excited about? Well, have you ever wanted to order our blanks flat instead of pre-formed into the bracelet shape so that you could stamp them or do some other artwork on them....but were afraid to, because you weren't sure how you were going to bend them into the bracelet shape yourself afterward? No more fears, we now carry the Cuff Bracelet Bender!!! Seriously, an awesome, easy-to-use tool that will create perfectly shaped bracelets with a minimal amount of effort. And this tool will last a lifetime....nice and heavy duty, a really nicely made tool. Try it and you'll understand why I'm so excited! :)

PLEASE NOTE: This bender is very easy to use with our aluminum blanks and fairly easy with our copper blanks, but if you want to use it with our brass blanks, especially sizes over 1 inch wide.....your gonna need quite a bit of hand and arm strength! I for one do not recommend trying it....I have freakishly strong hands and arms after years of making cuff blanks, lol....and even I have a very difficult time with sizes over 1" wide. But it is of course up to you! :)

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Don't forget, None of our unfinished bracelet blanks should be considered a "finished" product. They are NOT intended to be used "as-is"; they will NOT be pretty and shiny, they WILL have minor scuffs and/or scratches on their surfaces and the edges have not been de-burred. Our unfinished blanks are intended to be covered or finished by you, the Artist. :) If you need a de-burred cuff bracelet blank, please choose our Satin finish or our Polished finish.

Please direct all emails to Cindy@braceletblanks.com