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Aluminum Cuff Bracelet Blanks > 1 1/4" x 6" Black Anodized aluminum cuff
1 1/4" x 6"  Black Anodized aluminum cuff

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Price: $1.25
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Prod. Code: FBCB-004B


These cuffs are .040 gauge aluminum with a black anodized coating applied to one side of them. The black side is super nice, and even has a protective plastic sheeting attached that must be removed before use. (just peel off, super easy) I first purchased this black aluminum as a special request to make engraved memorial bracelets....and it was so nice that we decided to add it to our regular line of cuff blanks. These are a slightly thicker/heavier weight of aluminum than our regular blanks, but by no means *heavy*; still a very comfortable weight! A word about the black finish; this is not a run of the mill painted on color....it is a VERY tough coating that will NOT flake or peel off!! Its even hard to scratch through; I once accidentaly sliced through the protective coating with an exacto knife (was using the sheet of black as a table to cut some cardboard...not my smartest decision lol) and when I peeled the coating off, was astonished to find the surface of the black unharmed! So I'd have to say its pretty darn scratch resistant! :) 



These blanks are 1 1/4" x 6" (1.25" x 6") and are made from sturdy .040 anodized aluminum. 

The perfect start to a quality cuff bracelet is a quality cuff bracelet blank!  These are strong and have a good amount of "spring" to them, yet are more lightweight than the standard brass cuff. (something to keep in mind when adding alot of weight in stones/beads.) You may choose round or square corners as well as whether you want them to be rolled into the cuff shape or shipped flat before you add them to the cart.

What can you do with our aluminum cuff bracelet blanks? Just about anything you can imagine! Use them as a perfect base for your bead embroidery, decoupage, metal stamping, painting, wire wrapping, covering with leathers, feathers, fabrics and ribbons. Patina them and polish with Renaissance Wax, engrave them or just soften the edges with a little steel wool and glue crystals or other embellishments to them. The possibilities are endless, and our blanks are affordable enough to have a great time experimenting with!!


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Don't forget, None of our unfinished bracelet blanks should be considered a "finished" product. They are NOT intended to be used "as-is"; they will NOT be pretty and shiny, they WILL have minor scuffs and/or scratches on their surfaces and the edges have not been de-burred. Our unfinished blanks are intended to be covered or finished by you, the Artist. :) If you need a de-burred cuff bracelet blank, please choose our Satin finish or our Polished finish.

Please direct all emails to Cindy@braceletblanks.com