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Brass & Copper Cuff Blanks > Brass Cuff bracelet blank 1" x 6"
Brass Cuff bracelet blank 1" x 6"

Price: $2.60
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: FBBB-018

We are very pleased with the quality of the brass we have choosen to make our brass cuffs with; it is lighter in weight than the standard brass cuff, yet just as strong, sturdy and springy! They are still a bit heavier than our aluminum cuffs, so if weight is an issue for you,  you may want to go on over to the aluminum page. :) Combine this blank with Lacy's Stiff Stuff and soft deerskin backing, and cuff bracelets are a breeze! These are also wonderful for decoupage, wrapping with fibers, ribbons or fabrics, for polymer clay work.....the possibilitie are endless!


If you are completely covering the cuff pick unfinished to save some money, however if you are just adding items to the cuff or want to wear them as is we recommend that you chose a satin or polished finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Flat blanks are not available in Satin or Polished finish.

Don't forget, None of our unfinished bracelet blanks should be considered a "finished" product. They are NOT intended to be used "as-is"; they will NOT be pretty and shiny, they WILL have minor scuffs and/or scratches on their surfaces and the edges have not been de-burred. Our unfinished blanks are intended to be covered or finished by you, the Artist. :) If you need a de-burred cuff bracelet blank, please choose our Satin finish or our Polished finish.

Please direct all emails to Cindy@braceletblanks.com