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Gem Stones & their meanings

Many people buy jewelry just because they like the way it looks or because it goes with something that they already own. However, there are a few people wandering around in the world that only buy and wear jewelry because of the meaning behind the stone. For those people here is a list of a few stones and their meanings. Do they know something I don't?

1) AMAZONITE - Gambling success, attracts luck.

2) AMETHYST - For courage & happiness, overcoming alcoholism.

3) CARNELIAN - Concentration, physical & emotional energy.

5) CHRYSOCOLLA - Stone of peace, soothes the emotions.

6) CITRINE - Protects, removes fear.

7) CRYSTAL - STAR STONE(ancient name) Awakens the psychic mind, healing.

8) FANCY JASPER - Reduces mental stress.

9) GARNET - For endurance & vigor.

10) HEMATITE - Relief of depression, aches and pains.

11) JASPER -
Reds - Energy, cure fevers
Greens - Promotes body healing
BROWNS - Balance in life
MOTTLED - Energy, self control

12) LAPIS LAZULI - Good eyesight, has peaceful vibes.

13) LAPAS NEVADA - Friendship

14) MALACHITE - Travelers guardian stone, draws money

15) MOONSTONE - Ensures good gardens, helps retain youth, helps in dieting,

16) MOTHER OF PEARL - Prosperity, money.

17) ONYX (BLACK) - Defense against negativity.

18) PERIDOT - Healing, dispel negative emotions.

19) RHODONITE - Peace, calmness.

20) ROSE QUARTZ - Attracts love fidelity.

21) TIGER EYE - Courage, confidence, wards off evil.

22) TOPAZ - relieves depression.

23) TURQUOISE - Healing, detoxing power.