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Come see our NEW offerings!!

Mar 18, 2016

Hello Everyone!
With Spring upon us, we thought that this was the perfect time for some important announcements! First, our Business name has changed. No worries, we are still operating our website www.beadwork-supplies.com! But now when you place an order with us, you will see the name Blue Line Metals, LLC on your paypal or credit card statements. We just wanted everyone to be aware of the new name, so that they aren't startled when they get their statements. :)

We also wanted everyone to know that they have NEW options available when ordering their bracelet blanks; you can still order them as you used to; UNFINISHED. But now you have two new options; SATIN finish or POLISHED finish! Satin finish results in a de-burred blank with a satin-matte surface. Still a bit of shimmer to them, which is why we call it SATIN. Satin finish is great if you want a frosty cool look, if you just want a de-burred blank or for polymer clay.....the clay sticks even better to it than it does to the unfinished blanks! Satin finish on copper loves Liver of Sulfur, soaks it right up! So be careful with your timing and expect *excellent* patina!
Polished finish goes a step further; you get a de-burred blank, but these have a lustrous, highly reflective surface. Polished finish is wonderful if you plan to leave all or part of your blank uncovered or want to order your blanks as close to ready to wear as possible before doing your work.

Stay tuned, as we have many more exciting things coming! Tapered blanks, concave blanks, domed blanks, textured blanks and more! And if you find us on facebook (just search beadwork-supplies.com) and like our page, you may win a 25% discount code for your next order!!

Have a Happy and Productive Spring!